BBC - The One Show

“hmmm these Crodoughs are delicious” – Alex Jones

Evening Standard

“My favourites … Rinkoff’s crodoughs, which are probably the largest and most satisfyingly messy of all that I’ve sampled.”

Time Out - Now. Here. This.

“The cronut known over here as the Crodough is the must eat breakfast of the year”


“Creme egg ‘crodoughs’ have hit London and they look amazing.”


“When the world went batsh*t insane for the Cronut, this family bakery responded with the London edition, the Crodough.”


“Brace yourselves, Creme Egg crodoughs have landed for Easter.”


A London bakery have launched a Creme Egg ‘cronut’ in time for Easter.

Time Out - Now. Here. This.

“London loves the Crodough”


“The Cadbury Creme Egg Croissant-Donut Hybrid of Your Dreams Is Here.”


“Stop everything…the Creme Egg Crodough is back.”


“Shakespeare once asked “Would a Cronut by any other name not taste as sweet”? This meltingly delicious toffee apple cro-dough from Rinkoff’s will please your tongue more than enough to still it.”

Refinery 29

“Fans Of Cadbury Creme Eggs Are Losing It Over This Dessert.”


“Anyone who loves those Cadbury Creme Eggs would be in heaven! Rinkoff Bakery in the UK has taken those Easter favorites to a whole different level.”

Daily Mail

“Is this the ultimate Easter treat?”


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