This is history in the baking

Your Family Baker Since 1911

Rinkoff bakery is a family run business working with both wholesale and retail customers. The bakery was established in 1911 by Hyman Rinkoff, who came to London from Kiev with a passion for baking and a determination to establish himself here as a master baker. We have now been producing speciality bread, cakes and rolls for over 100 years! This includes traditional Challah breads, Sourdoughs, cheesecakes, muffins, croissants, exceptional Danish pastries and now our famous Crodoughs.

Do you come here oven?

At your bake and call

Based in East London we have two outlets in Whitechapel. Jubilee street our main bakery is off the beaten track and has a coffee shop attached.  We have a couple of seats inside and additional outdoor seating. Our Vallance road shop is slightly smaller where you can sit inside. You can pick up our famous crodoughs from both. For any enquires please call 0207 791 4909 or email us [email protected]

Rinkoffs Bakery

224 Jubilee Street, London, E1 3BS

This store is attached to our bakery. The smell of freshly baked goods will give the location away! Here we serve freshly made sandwiches, bread cakes and rolls, as well as our delicious Crodoughs.

Rinkoffs Deli

79 Vallance Road, London, E1 5BS

Vallance Road is our Deli store, where we prepare and make fresh sandwiches and hot breakfasts right in front of you. You can also find coffee, cakes and pastries here, and of course our famous Crodough.


Enjoy breakfast, lunch and tea everyday in the comfort of your own home/office